HELLO AND WELCOME to Yare Valley Wildlife.

CONSERVATION ALERT, A proposal to allow Water Ski-ing on Breydon Water, a SPA, RAMSAR and SSSI site, during the summer months has been prposed. During this period international important populations of Avocet, Black-tailed Godwit summer and feed on the proposed area. This is not to mention large creshes of baby Shelduck. I feel this is wrong, if you do please let the RSPB, your local MP/MEP, The Broads Authority etc  know your views. I feel this should not be allowed to happen

The following pages are a sample of what has been see and what you might expect if you visit the Yare Valley from the source in central Norfolk through to the mouth at Great Yarmouth.

Though we are primarily birdwatchers, we also  watch and study all forms of wildlife around the broads. All records and photographs are what we have seen or taken unless otherwise acknowledged.

We welcome records and photographs from the Yare Valley and can be contacted at either steve.cantley@gmail.com or justinlansdell@gmail.com 

To find out our latest sightings follow us on Twitter @CantleySteve and @YareValleyJus 

GREAT YARMOUTH BIRD CLUB meets on the 4th monday of the month (excluding August and December) at the COMFORT HOTEL, 14 Albert Square, NR30 3JH, (just off the seafront. between the Grosvenor Casino and the Carlton Hotel, opposite Wellington Pier),  from 7.30pm. Meetings include an illustrated talk and a buffet. Members £1.00 and non members £2.50. Everyone is welcome. For further information contact us at steve.cantley@gmail.com

The MAY 2017 meeting will feature a talk by STEVE SMITH on SW PATAGONIA & BUENOS AIRES

Links, Perry Fairman Ecological Experiences at  www.ecologicalexperiences.co.uk









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