These two drake Red-crested Pochards were found and photographed at Whitlingham CP on New Years Day by Justin Lansdell

The Cattle Egret continued its stay into 2020 at Halvergate and on the odd occaision was joined by this Great White Egret. Photo by Dave Bryant.
With ever increasing numbers of Pink-footed Geese in the mid Yare Valley it is always worth checking them for Tundra Bean Geese. These 3 were at Buckenham Marsh and surrounding fields in early January. Photographed at Buckenham Marsh by Elizabeth Dack.
A small population of Ring-necked Parakeets has become established in the Hellesdon Rd area of Norwich in the last few years. Not always easy to see so Chris Lansdell did well to get this photo in late January.
Increasingly more regular but still note worthy. This Cattle Egret arrived at Limpenhoe in early April. Photo by Steve Smith.
The first Garganey of the spring in our area were this pair at Upton Marsh. Found and photographed by Graham Stocker in early April.
A reasonable spring passage of Ring Ouzels saw a few pass through our region, this one paused long enough to give a burst of song at Thorpe Marsh, Norwich. Found and photographed by Stuart White.
This vocal but visually elusive Corncrake was a great find in mid May by Stuart White on his local patch, Thorpe Marsh, Norwich. Photo by Steve Smith.
A early summer influx of Rose-coloured Starlings nationwide brought this fine male to the north side of Norwich in early June. Photo by Murray Smith.
Another photo of the sometimes obliging Savi's Warbler at Thorpe Marsh, Norwich taken by Sue Bryan.
This Great White Egret commuted between Cantley and Buckenham Marshes from Mid July. Photo by Dave Bryant.
This White Stork from the Knepp rewilding project, took up residence on Claxton Marsh in August, roosting nearby on rooftops on Lower Road, Rockland St Mary. Photo by Chris Small.
This White-winged Black Tern was a great find in early September by Richard Moores at Cantley BF, Photo by Steve Smith.
Though there is no doubting the captive origin of this Hawaiian Goose at Buckenham, it still attracted admirers from early September. Found by Drew Lyness and photographed by Steve Smith.
Shag is a scarce bird in our area so these 2 at Gorleston were a welcome find for Jeremy Gaskell who also took the photograph in mid September.
One of two Arctic Terns that graced Whitlingham CP after gales in late September. Found and photographed by Gary White.
Great Northern Divers are less than annual in the Yare Valley except for seawatching sightings, so this bird was a great find by Bob Bell in early November on Breydon Water. Photo by Steve Smith.
Hot on the heels of the Breydon Water Glossy Ibis, two more were found feeding on a flooded field at the west end of the Acle New Rd (A47). A great find by Tim Brown, photo by Steve Smith.
Yellow-legged Gulls are scarce in our area, especially away from the coast so this bird in central Norwich at Wensum Park was a good sighting. Photo by James Lowen.
This female Red-crested Pochard quickly followed 2 drakes at Whitlingham CP in early January. Found and photographed by Gary White.
The Pied Wagtail roost at the Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital held in excess of 1600 birds in early January. Regularly monitored by Justin Lansdell who also took this photo.
Returning Bewicks Swans are regular in small numbers early in the year at Halvergate. These two, found by Dot Machin and photographed by Steve Smith were the first to be seen in late January.
Although a regular site during offshore passage Dark-bellied Brent Geese are otherwise a scarce visitors to our area, mainly being seen at Breydon Water, so this individual was a welcome sight at Buckenham in mid February. Found and photographed by Steve Smith.
White Wagtails are one of our early spring migrants, especially on the coast. This one was with Pied Wagtails on Gt Yarmouth seafront in early April. Found and photographed by Chris Elmer.
Still a noteworthy bird. This Great White Egret was at Upton Fen in early April. Photo by Graham Stocker.
Although increasingly regular in Norfolk, extremely rare in the Yare Valley this Raven was a big surprise as it circled over Cantley BF in early May. Found and photographed by Steve Smith.
This Black Kite was an amazing sighting over Thorpe St Andrews in early May, found and photographed by Stuart White.
Knot are scarce away from Breydon Water in our area, especially inland, so this bird on Cantley Marsh was a nice surprise. Found and photographed by Steve Smith in mid May.
This Savi's Warbler was a great find by Brian Howe at Thorpe Marsh, Norwich in mid June. Photo by Stewart Betts.

Two images of the Garganey family found and photographed at Buckenham Marshes by Justin Lansdell on 14th July

Yellow-legged Gulls are scarce at best in our area, especially away from the coast so this bird at Cantley BF was very welcome. Found and photographed by Steve Smith.
Quite a scarce bird in the Yare Valley, this Temminck's Stint graced Cantley BF at the end of August. Often elusive but at times showed very well. Found by Max Hellicar and photographed by David Ratcliffe.
This Osprey was being seen on several dates from late August into September at Burgh Castle. Photo by Jason Nichols.
This Lesser Yellowlegs was a great find by Peter Cawley in mid September at Runham Swim. Photo by Dave Bryant.
There was a good arrival of Yellow-browed Warblers into the UK in the second half of September and some of these were found in the coastal part of our area. This was one of at least 3 in St Nicholas's churchyard in Gt Yarmouth. Found and photographed by Tommy Corcoran.
This Glossy Ibis which turned up at the west end of Breydon Water in early November, was at times rather elusive. Found and photographed by Steve Smith.
The latter part of the year was a good period to see Glossy Ibis in our area with a nationwide influx going on. This one flew over Blofield Heath in mid December. Found and photographed by Dave Bryant.

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