Above. One of the Willow Emerald Damselflies which were first seen at Strumpshaw Fen in 2010 and now a regular at the site, and spread to other other sites in the Yare valley.

The Swallowtail is a broadland specialality and can easily be seen in the Yare valley at Strumpshaw Fen 

DRAGONFLIES AND DAMSELFLIES we have seen in the Yare Valley.

  1. Banded Demoiselle
  2. Large Red Damselfly
  3. Azure Damselfly
  4. Variable Damselfly
  5. Common Blue Damselfly
  6. Blue-tailed Damselfly
  7. Red-eyed Damselfly
  8. Small Red-eyed Damselfly
  9. Common Emerald
  10. Willow Emerald Damselfly.
  11. Hairy Dragonfly
  12. Migrant Hawker
  13. Southern Hawker
  14. Brown Hawker
  15. Norfolk Hawker 
  16.  Migrant Hawker.
  17. Emperor Dragonfly
  18. Lesser Emperor, recorded at Whitlingham CP, 2017.
  19. Four-spotted Chaser
  20. Scarce Chaser 
  21. Broad-bodied Chaser
  22. Black-tailed Skimmer
  23. Common Darter
  24. Ruddy Darter
  25. Black Darter
  26. Red-veined Darter, Earlham 2017,
  27. Yellow-winged Darter
  28. Vagrant Darter 

BUTTERFLIES we have seen in the Yare Valley.

  1. Swallowtail, Stronghold at Strumpshaw Fen, occasional elsewhere.
  2. Large White
  3. Small White
  4. Green-veined White
  5. Orange Tip
  6. Clouded Yellow, Regular migrant in varying numbers.
  7. Brimstone
  8. Purple Hairstreak
  9. White-letter Hairstreak, 1 at Burgh Castle, July 2015. Now regular at Strumpshaw Fen.
  10. Small Copper
  11. Holly Blue
  12. Brown Argus
  13. Common Blue
  14. Peacock
  15. Camberwell Beauty, Rare migrant. Records fron Hopton and Gt Yarmouth cemetery.
  16. Red Admiral 
  17. White Admiral
  18. Painted Lady
  19. Comma
  20. Small Tortoiseshell
  21. Grayling
  22. Meadow Brown
  23. Gatekeeper
  24. Ringlet
  25. Small Heath
  26. Speckled Wood
  27. Wall
  28. Small Skipper
  29. Large Skipper
  30. Essex Skipper
  31. Scarce Tortoiseshell. Very rare migrant. 2 in our area in 2014.
  32. Large Toryoiseshell. Very rare migrant, 2 records in 2020.
  33. Silver-washed Fritillary, Recorded at Strumpshaw in 2014.

HOVERFLIES we have seen in the Yare Valley.

  1. Episyrphus balteatus
  2. Gonia divisa
  3. Helophilus pendulus
  4. Helophilus trivittatus
  5. Leucozona glaucia
  6. Leucozona lucorum
  7. Melanostoma scalare
  8. Rhingia campestris
  9. Scaeva pyrastri
  10. Syrphus ribesh 
  11. Volucella zonaria.

Below and below right,. July 2014 saw a large influx of Scarce Tortoiseshell into Holland and a few ventured into Norfolk and SE England. At least 2 in the Yare Valley were located. The one below near Norwich (photographed by Ben Lewis) and one at Burgh Castle (below right(2), photographed & copyrighted by Perry Fairmam Ecological Experiences)

Not an Insect, but several Compass Jellyfish were seen from Breydon Water bridge in mid June 2017. Photo by Tommy Corcoran.

Ant-lion, Euroleon nostras, caught in a moth trap bt Ian Mills on Gt Yarmouth north denes in July 2010. What we believe to be the first adult recorded in Norfolk. Photo courtesy of Ian Mills.

Below: This Large Tortoiseshell spent 3 days at Strumpshaw Fen in July 2020. An extremely rare visitor though it was the second record in our area in that year. Photo by Steve Smith.

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