Record pictures of the Hooded Crow found at Mautby on New Years Day by Chris Small. Photo by Justin Lansdell.
This Carrion x Hooded Crow hybrid is also at Mautby along with the Hooded Crow in early January. Photo by Steve Smith.
This ringtail Hen Harrier was making sporadic appearances in the mid Yare valley RSPB reserve during the first winter period. Seen here at Strumpshaw Fen in mid January. Photo by Steve Smith.
These 5 Tundra Bean Geese paid an all too brief visit to Strumpshaw Fen in late January. Photographed from the Reception Hide by Ben Lewis.
Below and below right. This fine adult Iceland Gull was found and photographed by Stewart Betts at Mautby pig fields whilst looking for the Hooded Crow, which was also present.
It has been a good winter for white winged gulls nationaly. These Glaucous Gulls were seen at Breydon Water in mid February. Photographed by Tommy Corcoran (top) and Jane Ferguson (bottom).
Two excellent photos of the long-staying and sometimes confiding Jack Snipe at Strumpshaw Fen in early March by Will Walmsley
This Tufted Duck x Scaup was at Hardley Flood in mid March, maybe the bird seen earlier in the month at nearby Lound. Photo by Justin Lansdell.
An influx of Little Gulls into East Anglia at the end of March brought this one to Whitlingham CP. Found and photographed by Justin Lansdell.
Another late March Little Ringed Plover, this one photographed at Thorpe Marsh, Norwich by Ricky Cleverley.
Record shot of a White Wagtail at Buckenham Marsh at the start of April. Rather scarce away from the coast on spring passage. Photo by Steve Smith.
This drake American Wigeon, found by Peter Allard on Breydon Water in the first half of April, was photographed by Jane Ferguson during its one day stay.
This Kentish Plover spent two days at Breydon Water in early April, turning up on the same day as the above American Wigeon. A great find by Steve Howel. Photo by Rick Cleverley.
This Ferruginous Duck x Pochard has been seen at several sites in the mid Yare valley, Photographed by Steve Smith at Cantley in early April.
Plenty of Waxwings around into late April at least. This was one of sixteen at Longwater on 22nd of April. Photo by Justin Lansdell.

This pale looking Chiffchaff at Carey's Meadow on 18th April looks a candidate for tristis but the bare part colouration and call suggested merely a pale Chiffchaff. Found and photographed by Ricky Cleverley

A few Grasshopper Warblers were seen in the mid Yare valley from mid April. Top,this showy individual was photographed by Rick Cleverly at Thorpe Marsh, Norwich. Bottom, This reeler spent two days at Cantley Marsh in May, photographed by Steve Smith.
A good passage of Black and Arctic Terns in late April to early May brought this Black Tern to Whitlingham CP. Found and photographed by Gary White.
This Whinchat was a surprise visitor to Strumpshaw Fen in early May, often keeping company with a Wheatear. Photo by Steve Smith.
Four of five Common Cranes watch a fly by Bittern at Strumpshaw Fen in early May. Photo by Ben Lewis.
This young Glaucous was a surprise on Gorleston beach in late May. Found and photographed by Jeremy Gaskell.
This young Tawny Owl fledged from a nest in roadside trees at Hassingham in early June. Photo by Stephanie Shingles.
This Osprey spent time at Strumpshaw Fen from early June. Photo by Dave Bryant.
The Peregrines on Norwich Cathedral had fledged a single young by mid June. It is less clear about the pair on Cantley British Sugar factory (pictured below), no evidence of young had been seen, though both birds were still present at the platfom in mid June. Photo by Alan Hyde.
Its been a good year for Red-footed Falcons nationally, with a few in the Yare Valley, though none have lingered. This female was on Breydon Water south wall for just 10 minutes in mid June, so the finder, John Burton, was fortunate to get this photo.
This Garganey was at Strumpshaw Fen in early July. In recent years there has been a late summer/autumn build up of Garganey at the fen. Photo by Steve Smith.
Little Gulls made a good showing in mid summer, mainly at Gorleston and Breydon Water. This one photographed at Breydon by Tony Stride in early July.

Tern passage is a highlight of mid summer. This young Arctic Tern was one of two well spotted and photographed by Peter Allard at Breydon Water in mid July.

This female Mandarin at Marlingford was a nice change from the usual early August fare. Found and photographed by Mathew Shore.
Breydon may be UK's top site for Caspian Tern. This one was making sporadic appearances there in mid August. Photo by Tony Stride.
The same or another Pectoral Sandpiper was also present in our area at Buckenham Marsh in late August. Dates overlapped, but times may not have. Photo by Steve Smith.
This unusual plumaged 'Flava' Wagtail made an all too brief visit to Buckenham Marsh at the end of August. Photo by Steve Smith.
This White-winged Black Tern was a nice suprise in early September at Rockland Broad. Photo by Steve Smith.

 This young Black Tern quickly followed the White-winged Black Tern, appearing at Colney gravel pits in Norwich. Found by Dave Holman and photographed by Justin Lansdell.

Pallas's Warblers are much scarcer than Yellow-browed Warblers and also arrive later. This bird was found and photographed by Tommy Corcoran at Gt Yarmouth cemetery in early November.

A record shot of 2 Water Pipits at Cantley BF in November by Ricky Cleverley. A good effort for a typically difficult to photograph species. 

This drake Goosander was one of three at Thorpe Marsh, Norwich, found and photographed by Ricky Cleverley in late November.

This 1st winter Kittiwake found dead at Whitlingham CP was an excellent record, shame it wasn't alive! Find and photo by James Emerson.

This Iceland Gull was a good find off Gorleston in late December. Found and photographed by Jeremy Gaskell.
These two Scaup were photographed by James Emerson at Whitlingham Country Park, Norwich in early January.
This Shag took shelter under Breydon Water bridge during bad weather in mid January. Found and photographed by Tommy Corcoran.
This Tundra Bean Goose was one of two at Haddiscoe Marsh in mid January, Photo by Alison Allen.
This Rough-legged Buzzard at Haddiscoe Island in the first winter period was rather erratic in its appearances. Photo by Rene Baptiste taken in late January.
This Black-necked Grebe was a welcome visitor to St Andrews Broad, Thorpe Marsh, Norwich at the end of January. Photo by Justin Lansdell.
Another Glaucous Gull, this one in Gt Yarmouth harbour at the end of February. Photo by Steve Smith.
It has been a good first winter period for Short-eared Owls in the Yare Valley, this one was photographed by Justin Lansdell in mid March at Hardley Staithe.
Little Ringed Plovers are always a welcome sight as they herald the onset of spring. This bird was at Buckenham Marsh in late March. Photo by Steve Smith.
Garganey as usual began to arrive into the Yare Valley from mid March, Top photo by Tommy Corcoran taken on Signal Box Marsh, Breydon Water, lower photo by Steve Smith taken at Buckenham Marsh. Both in late March.
This Dunlin was a good bird to find on the outskirts of Norwich at Thorpe Marsh in late March. Photo by Justin Lansdell.
This drake Common Scoter was found and photographed by Justin Lansdell on Thorpe Broad, Norwich in early April. An excellent inland record.
This drake Garganey was at Cantley behind the Reedcutter PH in mid April. Photo by Steve Smith.
Bar-tailed Godwit is scarce in our area away from Breydon, so this bird at Buckenham Marsh was a good find in mid April. Found and photographed by Murray Smith.
This White-tailed Eagle toured East Anglia in late April. Seen by one or two lucky observers as it crossed our area on the 22nd. This photo was taken by Mick Davis just outside our area at Ormesby Little Broad.

Jack Snipe are probably much commoner than we know in the Yare Valley but this bird shuffled into view for Ricky Cleverley at Thorpe Marshesin April 

Wheatears are not common in the upper Yare Valley or around Norwich and therefore this smart male (one of two present) at Postwick on 26th April was well received. Photographed by Justin Lansdell 

After no reports of Cattle Egrets in our area since 18th January, this bird was found by Richard Moores on 29th April at the same location in Halvergate as many of the earlier reports. Is it one of the birds returning? Has it been around all the time unnoticed? Or is it a new bird? Photo by Steve Smith.
The White-tailed Eagle finally made landfall on our patch on 3rd May at Buckenham Marsh. Photo by Jake Gearty (top) and Steve Smith (bottom)
This Osprey flew over people watching the White-tailed Eagle at Buckenham on the evening of 3rd May. Photo by Steve Smith (top) and Jake Gearty (bottom).
It has been a good spring for Ring Ouzels along our coasts so this inland bird near Buckenham station was not unexpected. Photo by Murray Smith.
This stunning male Red-backed Shrike was a great find in late June along Breydon Water south wall. Found and photographed by Paul Noakes.
This leucistic House Sparrow was a visitor to John Welsby's Bradwell garden in late June. Photo by John Welsby.
Spotted Flycatcher is now a very scarce breeder in our area, so it was good to see a family being raised at least one location. Photo by Dave Bryant.
With Red Kites becoming more regular in our area, breeding has been expected. This juv at Fritton in mid July points to proof of this. Photo by Paul Noakes.
Another Arctic Tern, this one at Gorleston at the start of August. Found and photographed by Jeremy Gaskell.
A typical late summer/early autumn scene at Cantley sugar factory. Green Sandpiper and juvenile Garganey. Photo taken by Justin Lansdell in early August.
A few Little Stints passed through our area with the late summer wader passage. This one was at Cantley sugar factory in early August. Photo by Jane Ferguson.
This Pectoral Sandpiper was a good find at Cantley sugar factory by Dave Russell and Drew Lyness in late August. Photo by Steve Smith.
This Osprey was present in from late August in the Buckenham,Rockland, Strumpshaw area. Photo by Murray Smith.
This Whinchat at the start of September was a great find at Thorpe Marsh, Norwich by Ricky Cleverley, who also took the photograph.
Welcomed by some but not others, Ring-necked Parakeets are always nice to see. This one found and photographed by Gary White in early September on his way home from work in Norwich.
Yellow-browed Warblers were few this autumn. At times tho, up to 3 could be seen in Gt Yarmouth cemteries. This one was found and photographed there by Tommy Corcoran in October.
Merlins are regular but scarce winter visitors to the Yare Valley, often proving difficult to see well so Peter Allard did well to get this photo near Breydon Water in early November.
Hen Harriers were rather thin on the ground in the 2nd winter period. This one at Breydon Water was found by Rob Murray and photographed by Tommy Corcoran in late November.
This Bearded Tit caused much excitement with the local birders at Thorpe Marsh, Norwich as it was the first record for at the site for a very long time. Photographed in late December by Justin Lansdell.

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