A very scarce visitor to our area, especially away from the coast. This young Shag was found and by Drew Lyness in early January at Whitlingham CP. Photo by Patrick Stafford.
Purple Sandpipers are very scarce in our area so this bird found and photographed by Kath and Paul Gallant at Gorleston at the end of January was an excellent record.
This Black Redstart spent the first winter period on Gt Yarmouth South Denes, usually seen feeding around the machines doing groundworks. Photo by Steve Smith.

This Ring-necked Parakeet has been a regular at Whitlingham CP since December 2021 and most easily seen going to roost. Edmund Mackrill did well to get this photo in late Feb. 

The sprigs first Garganey is always welcome. Our first this year was this fine drake found and photographed by Dave Ratcliffe on the 14th March at Whitlingham CP.
This Glossy Ibis flew over Cantley in mid March on the same day one was seen flying over Norwich, but the timing of the 2 sightings point to 2 different birds. Found and photographed by Ed Mackrill.

These 3 Common Cranes over Buckenham Marshes on 21st March were well captured by E.Mackrill

This Little Gull at Whitlingham CP was the forerunner of a small passage in mid March. Found and photographed by Drew Lyness.
The second half of March saw a arrival of Little Gulls into the valley. This is 1 of 5 which were seen at Cantley BF. Found and photographed by Steve Howell.

The last week of April saw a light passage of Arctic Terns through the valley with most being seen at Whitlingham CP where this beauty was well photographed by Edmund Mackrill

Spoonbills are scarce but regular visitors to our area in Spring through to Autumn but rare in Winter. This one frequented Breydon Water from late 2021 into January 2022. Photo by Steve Smith.
This Glossy Ibis, first reported by a non birder (per Reg Land) was eventually relocated at Rockland St Mary by Jim Bradley in mid February. Photo by Ashley Banwell.
This presumed Pochard x Ferruginous Duck turned up at Whitlingham CP in late February. Found and photographed by Drew Lyness.
This Siberian Chiffchaff graced a garden just inside our area at Blofield Heath in mid March. Found and photographed by Dave Bryant.
Few Common Cranes make landfall in the mid Yare Valley so this bird at Buckenham Marsh in mid March was very welcome. Found by Dan Monk and photographed by Steve Smith.
Caspian Gulls remain scarce in the valley and therefore this brief 1st winter at Whitlingham CP on 11th March was a very good find. Photo by E.Mackrill
Probably the Glossy Ibis seen flying over Norwich by Graham Ethrington (on the same day as the Cantley bird) was relocated at Earlham/Bowthorpe Marshes, where it began a prolonged stay. Photo by Steve Smith.
This Bonapate's Gull was an excellent find at Cantley BF in late March, a first for our area. Found by David Russell and photographed by Justin Lansdell.
After a slow start spring migration really started in mid April and it brought a nationwide influx of Ring Ouzels with it. This was one of two in a Burgh Castle garden. Found and photographed by Paul Noakes.

Further down the Yare Valley Mediterranean Gulls are common but this pair at Whitlingham CP in mid April were a scarce find by Drew Lyness who also managed this excellent photograph during their brief stay

Although numbers are so far lower than in 2021 a few Little Gulls have also turned up alongside the Arctic Terns and this beautiful adult was at Cantley BF on 24th April. Photographed and found by Drew Lyness. 

The cold easterly airflow in late April delayed the cross country migration of waders and grounded a group of Bar-tailed Godwits and several Spotted Redshanksat Buckenham Marshes where they were photographed by Drew Lyness

Sanderling are extremely rare away from the seashore, even on Breydon Water, so this bird at Buckenham Marsh at the end of May was an excellent record. Photo by Steve Smith.
This Caspian Tern was a great find at Nogdam End, Reedham by Paul Noakes in mid May, it was later relocated at Breydon Water by Jack Morris who took this photograph.
This Spotted Redshank was the first 'scarce' wader to pass through the mid Yare Valley on it's way south. Found at Buckenham Marsh in mid July by Steve Smith. Photo by Justin Lansdell.
Two pairs of Spotted Flycatcher bred this year at Strumpshaw Fen, but a big surprise was the return of a breeding pair at Cantley BF after being absent for several years. Found and photographed by Drew Lyness.

This Osprey paid a visit to Strumpshaw Fen in mid August, found and photographed by Drew Lyness.

This Little Stint was found at Cantley BF in early September by Alex Liddle. Photo by Justin Lansdell.
Cattle Egrets have been rather scarce in the area this year, so this one at Burgh Castle was nice surprise in early October. Found and photographed by Matthew Shore.
At least 4 Black Redstarts this Autumn in the grounds of Norwich cathedral. Photographed in early October by Stu Buck (above) and Justin Lansdell (below).

This Cattle Egret was a late October visitor to Buckenham Marsh. Found by Martin Fagg and photographed by Drew Lyness.

This Slavonian Grebe was a welcome arrival at Whitlingham CP at the end of October. A great find by Mark Eldridge and photo by Drew Lyness.
Purple Sandpipers are very scarce nowadays on our part of the coast, so 3 together was a great sighting in early November at Gorleston by Jeremy Gaskell, who also took this photo.
This Lesser Grey Shrike was an excellent find on the perimeter fence of Norwich Airport where it spent a couple of days at the end of May. Photo by Chris Stone.
This Gannet was a surprise as it flew over Strumpshaw Fen at the end of May. Found and photographed by Kathy and Paul Gallant.
At least one pair of Common Crane have set up territory this summer at Strumpshaw Fen and can often be seen in the surrounding area. Photo by Roger Parker.
Mid summer usually brings a few Yellow-legged Gulls through our area. This one was at UEA Broad in early July. Found and photographed by Edmund Mackrill.
Along with the Yellow-legged Gulls come the occasional Caspian Gull, this 4cy bird was at the UEA Brod in late July. Found and photographed by Edmund Mackrill.
This usually distant and elusive Spotted Crake was a great find by Drew Lyness at the end of August. Haydn Fox did well to get this photograph too.
One of the Cantley BF Curlew Sandpipers  found in late August, early September. Photo by Justin Lansdell.
This Caspian Gull was found by Alex Liddle at Cantley BF, still a rare bird in our area. Photo by Justin Lansdell.
Both species of wild swans are scarce in our area and Whooper Swan is much the scarcer of the two. These eight dropped into Buckenham Marsh for a short visit in early October, a great find by Ron McIntyre who also took this photo.

A juvenile Pectoral Sandpiper at Buckenham Marshes in Mid Oct andfound by Dave Edwards proved elusive being seen only in the mornings before flying off east (whether it was the same one found by Steve Smith and Dot Machin two weeks ago remains unknown). Photo by Justin Lansdell  

This Siberian Chiffchaff was an excellent find in late October at Gt Yarmouth cemetery by Drew Lyness who also took this photo.

A good early winter for Whooper Swans in our area continued with these 2 at Whitlingham Lane. Found and photographed by Drew Lyness.

These 2 Scaup arrived at Whitlingham CP in November, part of an influx of Aythya's into Broadland. Photos by Justin Lansdell.

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